bighorn 100 crew information

        Crew access locations during the event include the starting point, Camp Creek Ridge intersection with Freeze Out Road (out only), Dry Fork Ridge Aid Station (out and in), Sally's Footbridge Aid Station (out and in), Little Bighorn Trail course intersection with Devil’s Canyon Road (out and in), Jaws Trailhead, and from the Tongue River Canyon Trailhead to the Finish . Detailed crew access directions will be available at the packet pick-up and rules regarding crew access at specific crew access locations will be reiterated. Crew access from the Tongue River Canyon Trailhead (94.75 miles) on Tongue River Canyon Road to the Finish will only be by foot or bike because of congestion on Tongue River Canyon road. Crew access to Dry Fork Ridge Aid Station (in) on Saturday will have parking restrictions.

        Crew access to Sally's Footbridge Aid Station (out and in) is difficult due to the distance to the mouth of the Little Bighorn River Canyon and the fact that there is limited parking in the canyon. Crews should expect at least 25 minutes to navigate the 2 mile section of rocky, rough, primitive road into the canyon to the designated crew parking area. From that crew parking area, crews will need to walk ¾ miles to access Sally's Footbridge Aid Station. A high clearance vehicle is recommended for accessing Sally's Footbridge Aid Station and carpooling is suggested. It will take a crew approximately 2.5 hours, at a minimum, to go between Dry Fork Ridge Aid Station and the Footbridge Aid Station both out and in.

       Approximate travel times that should be considered by entrants and their crews assuming good road conditions and no construction delays are as follows:

  • Start to Camp Creek Ridge (12.25 miles) 1.25 hours by car
  • Camp Creek Ridge to Dry Fork Ridge (13.5 miles) 5 minutes by car
  • Dry Fork Ridge to Sally's Footbridge Aid Station (30 miles) 2.5 hours by car + ¾ mile shuttle/walk  (good clearance auto needed last 2 miles)
  • Sally's Footbridge to Course x’ing of Devil’s Cyn Road (47 miles) 2.5 hours by car +¾ mile shuttle/walk out
  • Devil’s Cyn Rd x’ing to Jaws Trailhead (48 miles) 10 min by car
  • Jaws Trailhead to Devil’s Cyn Rd x’ing (49 miles) 10 min by car + 1/3 mile walk out
  • Devil’s Cyn Rd x’ing to Footbridge Aid Station (66 miles)  2.5 hours by car + ¾ mile shuttle/walk in
  • Sally's Footbridge to Dry Fork Ridge Aid Station (82.5 miles) 2.5 hours by car + ¾ mile shuttle/walk out
  • Dry Fork Ridge to Scott Park Finish Area (100 miles) 1.25 hours by car

      Crews may provide aid to their runner at any point on the course after the Tongue River Canyon Trailhead (94.75 miles) to the finish as long as they have not driven on the Tongue River Canyon Road to access their runner. They may walk, run, or bike on the Tongue River Canyon Road to access their runner and must return via the same manner. Crew or family who drive a vehicle on Tongue River Canyon Road will subject their runner to disqualification.


  1. To the 100 mile start: The entrance to the Tongue River Canyon Road is on the northeast side of the Tongue River Bridge on Hwy 14 as a driver enters Dayton heading west from Ranchester. Take the Tongue River Canyon Road proceeding upstream on the northeast side of the Tongue River. Go left at a junction approximately 2.5 miles from Dayton and proceed on the Tongue River Canyon Road approximately 1 mile further to the Amsden Fishing Access area in the Tongue River Canyon (a primitive outhouse will be noted on your right). The start will occur on the Tongue River Canyon Road by the big cottonwood tree where the road turns toward the north wall of Tongue River Canyon at the west end of the fishing access area (approximately 1.25 miles from the Tongue River Canyon Trailhead).
  2. To the Head of the Dry Fork (Dry Fork Ridge): Take Hwy 14 from Dayton and proceed up the mountain to Burgess Junction. At Burgess Junction, take a right on Forest Service Road #15 (Dayton Gulch Road) proceeding past Burgess Ranger Station and eventually crossing Fools Creek at approximately 5 miles. Shortly after crossing Fools Creek, take a right on Forest Service Road #168 (Freeze Out Road) and proceed approximately 5 miles to the head of the Dry Fork Aid Station which is located at the intersection of Forest Service Road #149 and Forest Service Road # 168 (Freeze Out Road).
  3. To Sally's Footbridge Aid Station in the Little Bighorn River Canyon: From Dayton, cross the Tongue River Bridge at the eastern aspect of town and turn north on Wyoming Hwy 343 proceeding 5.2 miles to the intersection of Wyoming Hwy 345 (old US Hwy 87). Turn left on Wyoming Hwy 345 and proceed past Parkman, WY, going into Montana at 5.9 miles where you enter the Crow Indian Reservation and continue on this highway until you reach the Littlehorn Road just south of Wyola, MT, at 15 miles. Turn left on the Littlehorn Road, cross the railroad tracks and proceed west on the Littlehorn Road toward the Bighorn Mountains crossing the Little Bighorn River at 9.7 miles, having the pavement change to gravel at 10.5 miles, crossing the Little Bighorn River at 12 miles, and encountering a cattle guard at a 4-way junction at 15.85 miles. The 4-way junction has a sign by the cattle guard, erected by the Wyoming Game and Fish Dept, which is brown and states the road going past the cattle guard provides public access through private lands, please stay on established roads. Proceed through the cattle guard, taking this primitive road into the mouth of the Little Bighorn River Canyon. You will ford a creek at 0.45 miles, ford a second creek at 0.6 miles, reenter Wyoming at a primitive sign noting that you are at 45 degrees Latitude, and cross the Little Bighorn River on a bridge at 1.5 miles. Continue on the northern side of the Little Bighorn River where you will encounter an area where we wish crews to park at approximately 2.5 miles. Be careful not to block the road when parking and do not block the private bridge crossing to the cabins on the south side of the Little Bighorn River when parking in this area. Park well off the road; but be careful you don’t high center your vehicle on scattered rocks in this parking area. Parking is very limited further up the canyon and is reserved for aid station/emergency access vehicles. After parking, proceed by foot approximately ¾ mile distance from the designated parking area up the canyon on the primitive road to reach the Footbridge Aid Station. You will go past the Wyoming Game & Fish Patrol Cabin area shortly before you encounter the Footbridge Aid Station.
  4. To Devil’s Canyon Road Crossing: Take Hwy 14 from Dayton and proceed up the mountain to Burgess Junction. Take Hwy 14A from Burgess Junction towards Lovell approximately 18.7 miles and turn right on Devil’s Canyon Road (previously known as Sheep Mountain Road). Go north approximately 2 to 2.5 miles to where the 100 mile course crosses Devil’s Canyon Road.
  5. To Jaws Trailhead: Take Hwy 14 from Dayton and proceed up the mountain to Burgess Junction. Take Hwy 14A from Burgess Junction towards Lovell for approximately 20.7 miles to turn right on Forest Service Road #13 which is just prior to the road going to the Medicine Wheel and is just prior to Hwy 14A starting to descend off the mountain. Go on Forest Service Road #13 in a northerly direction proceeding past Porcupine Campground on your left at approximately 1.9 miles. Cross over Porcupine Creek and continue driving past the entrance to the Porcupine Ranger Station (do not drive into the entrance of Porcupine Ranger Station).  Proceed left up the hill past the entrance to Porcupine Ranger Station for about ¼ mile where you will turn left into the parking lot for Jaws Trailhead at approximately 2.5 miles.  Park in the designated areas for crew in Jaws Trailhead or as otherwise directed keeping the entrance to Jaws Trailhead clear for traffic and runners.